Mullein/Garlic Ear Oil

Mullein/Garlic Ear Oil
Mullein/Garlic Ear Oil Mullein/Garlic Ear Oil

Proprietary extract blend:
Calendula flower (Calendula officinalis) 1
St. John's Wort flower top (Hypericum perforatum) 2 F
Mullein flower (Verbascum speciosum &/or olympicum) 1 F
Garlic bulb (Allium sativum) 1 F

Additional Ingredients:

Certified organic olive oil.


1 Certified Organically Grown
2 Sustainably Wildcrafted
F Fresh (undried)

The herbs in this formula are individually extracted to provide a broad spectrum of plant compounds.

Suggested Use:

Shake Well Before Using FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY Two or three times per day drop slightly warmed oil into each ear. Ages 1-10 use 1 drop. Over 10 years use 2 drops.


Consult your physician if there is ear pain or infection. Do not use if eardrum is perforated. FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY Keep Out of the Reach of Children


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