Herbal Compounds

Compound herbal extracts are blends of complementary herbs, each chosen for its specific health-supporting properties. All of the herbs in our compounds are individually extracted to ensure a broad spectrum of therapeutic plant compounds.


Joint & Muscle Rub
Formerly Liquid Lightning Compound
Kids Immune Avenger™
Kids' version of our Rapid Immune Boost
Kids Tummy TLC™
Calms & Soothes Upset Stomachs*
Liver Health
Supports Healthy Liver & Gallbladder Function*
Lobelia/Skunk Cabbage
Traditional Support for Normal Muscle Tension & Contraction*
Lung Expectorant™
Traditionally Used to Support Normal Expectoration & Res...
Male Vitality™
Promotes Healthy Sexual Function in Men*
Menopause Health™
Supports Physical & Emotional Health During Menopause*
Mother's Lactation™
Traditional Support for Healthy Production of Breast Milk*
Nervous System Tonic™
Traditional Support to Strengthen & Calm the Nervous System*
Neutralizing Cordial
Supports Healthy Function of the Digestive System*
Phytoestrogen Tonic™
Certified Organically Grown & Sustainably Wildcrafted
PMS Comfort™
Provides Comfort During Premenstrual Syndrome*
Pollen Defense™
Traditional Support for Normal Secretions of the Eyes & ...
Prostate Health™
Supports Healthy Prostate Function in Men*


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