System Restoration

Several major systems regulate the body and may need an occasional tune-up or correction. In this category you'll find targeted herbal support for these body systems: Cardio & Circulatory, Endocrine (thyroid & adrenal), Gastrointestinal (stomach, intestine & bowel), Musculoskeletal (bone, joint & muscle), Reproductive and Urinary.


Corn Silk
Certified Organically Grown Zea mays
Cramp Bark
Sustainably Wildcrafted Viburnum opulus
Supports Healthy Urinary Tract Function*
Certified Organically Grown &/or Sustainably Wildcrafted
Devil's Claw
Purity Verified Harpagophytum procumbens
Dong Quai
Purity Verified Angelica sinensis
Dragon's Blood (Sangre de Drago)
Sustainably Wildcrafted Croton lechleri tree sap
Female Libido™
Certified Organic, Sustainably Wildcrafted & Purity Verified...
Certified Organically Grown Foeniculum vulgare
Certified Organic Trigonella foenum-graecum
Flexible Joint™
Supports Healthy Function of the Joints*
Fringe Tree
Sustainably Wildcrafted Chionanthus virginicus
Helps Maintain Established Healthy Cholesterol Levels*
Gastro Calm™
Digestive Comfort for Occasional Gas & Bloating*
Certified Organic Gentiana lutea


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