System Restoration

Several major systems regulate the body and may need an occasional tune-up or correction. In this category you'll find targeted herbal support for these body systems: Cardio & Circulatory, Endocrine (thyroid & adrenal), Gastrointestinal (stomach, intestine & bowel), Musculoskeletal (bone, joint & muscle), Reproductive and Urinary.


Blood Pressure Support
Formerly Linden/Mistletoe Compound
Out of Stock
Certified Organically Grown Agathosma betulina
Certified Organically Grown Lycopus spp.
Butcher's Broom
Sustainably Wildcrafted Ruscus aculeatus
Cactus Grandiflorus
Sustainably Wildcrafted Selenicereus spp.
Calm Bladder™
Formerly Calm Waters
Cascara Sagrada
Sustainably Wildcrafted Frangula purshiana
Out of Stock
Certified Organically Grown Capsicum annuum
Certified Organically Grown Apium graveolens
Chanca Piedra
Sustainably Wildcrafted Phyllanthus spp.
Chaste Tree
Certified Organic &/or Sustainably Wildcrafted Vitex agn...
Cholesterol Health™
Helps Maintain Established Normal Cholesterol Levels*
Certified Organically Grown Cinnamomum aromaticum
Processed according to traditional Chinese Methods
Corn Silk
Certified Organically Grown Zea mays


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